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About Greycells

your localization & multilingual communication partner...

At Greycells we are a focused team of young, creative and talented people with some great skill set and a common vision to become the most admired company in the eyes of our customers, associates & partners. We are agile in finding solutions to the increasing demand for Translation, Localization and Multilingual services.

Be it a Translation project, a Product Localization need or a Multilingual Global Marketing Communication requirement, we are here to deliver value to your business.

Our Purpose

Embracing the power of globalization through localization services

Our Belief

We strongly believe we can always find a better way

Our Values


Our Services

At Greycells we help you to realize your global vision locally by unlocking the power of globalization through high quality content translation, product localization and multilingual publishing services.

Efficient project management is utilized for every single project undertaken by us to ensure quality. With our understanding and experience in project management, technology and creativity be assured of high quality output.

  • Multilingual Translation
  • Transcription
  • Product Localization
  • Internationalization
  • Multilingual Publishing

Languages We Cover


Assamese | Malayalam | Bengali | Marathi | Tamil | Gujarati | Telugu | Manipuri | Hindi | Oriya | Urdu | Kannada | Punjabi | Kashmiri | Sindhi | Sanskrit | Mizo | Konkani


Spanish | French | Italian | German | Danish | Greek | Portuguese | Finnish | Swedish | Flemish | Norwegian | Russian | Polish | Bulgarian | Hungarian | Romanian | Ukrainian | Estonian | Serbian | Slovak | Mongolian | Arabic | Turkish | Farsi


Japanese | Korean | Chinese | Lao | Malay | Thai | Dari | Indonesian | Vietnamese | Nepalese | Bangladeshi | Pushto | Khmer | Burmese | Cambodian


Zulu | Somali | Afrikaans | Amharic | Twi | Swahali

Looking for a free Quote for your Translation Project

Kindly mail us your English source file that needs translation and mention the target language/s you need.

In case the file is large you can use any external services such as to send us your large files.

Upon receiving your content file/s we will quickly send our free quote for your translation project.


We regularly engage with our valued customers to understand the challenges they face and passionately work towards finding appropriate and efficient solutions to their multilingual problems.

5-Step Quality Process for Language Services at Greycells

  • Understanding the source (language, formats, target audience)
  • Terminology Management (standardization, target geography)
  • Translation (by domain experts)
  • TQM via dedicated PM ( proof reading, DTP & Design adaptation etc.)
  • Final Hand off: FTP, E-mail, Courier, Personal deliveries


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